Pacheca Porto Tawny 20 Anos 50cl

Cor âmbar acastanhada, desenvolvendo lentamente os sabores complexos e o paladar delicioso. Nariz rico e elegante, com uma delicada noz e notas sutis de chocolate, caramelo e madeira de carvalho.
Pacheca Porto Tawny 20 Anos 50cl

Pacheca 20 year old Tawny Port is a wine resulting from a lot of several Port Wines that have aged in old casks of 550-liters over many years in the fresh warehouse of Quinta da Pacheca. During the aging the wine loses its color and becomes brownish, the aroma acquires notes of oxidative aging.


Presents an amber and bright color with an elegant nose and evident notesof dried figs, nuts and caramel. It is ex- tremely soft in the mouth, with an acidity that gives it freshness, standing out once again the notes of nuts and caramel.


Should be drunk slightly fresh at the end of the meal accompanying desserts of caramel praline, dried fruit or sweet eggs. Should be served between 16 and 18oC.


Traditional red grape varieties of the Douro region originally from Old Vi- neyards.

WINEMAKER: Maria Serpa Pimentel


Achohol by volume: 20%
volBaumé: 3,4
pH: 3,57
Total Sugars: 106 g/L

Volume 20%

Enólogo Maria Serpa Pimentel

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